Selling your Property

Selling a property can be a very risky and stressful process.

To minimise the risk and stress, you should engage qualified professionals to help you out.

Having an efficient and experienced Real Estate Agent and a qualified Conveyancer or Solicitor protecting your interests can give you peace of mind and make the process smoother and less stressful.

This process varies from State to State. If you wish to have a State specific process then please ask the relevant office.

The process for selling a property can be broken into three stages as follows:

Contract preparation / Pre exchange

You should:
  • Provide us with instructions to prepare a contract for sale of your property. By law, a residential property cannot be offered for sale unless the Real Estate Agent holds a proposed contract for sale.
  • Select your Real Estate.
We will:
  • Order the statutory searches required by law to be contained in your contract for sale.
  • Prepare the contract for sale and provide it to your real estate agent to allow the sales marketing process to begin.
  • Answer any legal queries that prospective buyers and their solicitors or conveyancers might raise in respect of your property.
  • Negotiate any amendments that prospective buyers and their solicitors or conveyancers might seek to make to the contract for sale for your property.
  • Once your Real Estate Agent has found a buyer and you have agreed on a price contracts will be exchanged.

Property Exchange / Settlement

You should:
  • Sign the contract.
  • Notify your lender that you have sold your property and provide it with a signed discharge authority.
We will:
  • Send the contract.
  • Send the contract signed by you to the seller's solicitor to be exchanged.

Strand is committed to working with all parties, keeping everyone fully informed of any requirements within the law and will work together towards a smooth hassle free transaction. We are here to help: